Message from the Devils

To all our supporters and our community

One important benefit of being part of a footy club or any team sport club is the camaraderie between people with a shared interest. This gives us a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves that is enjoyable and healthy.

All our players, coaches & supporters are missing the excitement of the footy season not starting this week, but we understand the situation we are all in. We will continue to comply with all the directions and advice of Government and Medical authorities.

No one can predict with confidence when restrictions and social distancing will lift, Until we know more, our club will continue to support our amazing group of enthusiastic players and encourage them as they keep active and connected with each other.

We will need to be resilient that’s for sure, and having friends to talk with is more important than ever. We are encouraging all our players to call each other regularly. Supporters too.

The Devils is not just a footy club, we are a place full of friends, so lets all keep in touch and support each other.

Texts and Facebook posts are ok, but having a chat with a friend or a family member is better.

Some of us may be struggling though, so It’s important we understand and support each other where we can. That’s what friends do.

Steve Draper – President

These videos from SALT may help those seeking more understanding.

2020 Season Delayed to May 31st

The EFNL has advised, the season start has been further delayed to May 31st.
We are living through a unique situation in our lifetimes and we don’t really know what happens next, so it’s better to be safe than sorry for the next few weeks.
We will keep you updated here, in the meantime please keep active and healthy.

2020 Season delayed until May2nd

The EFNL have advised the 2020 season has been delayed until May 2nd 2020. This will be reviewed on April 14th.

The Devils have stopped formal training sessions and cancelled all remaining practice games.

All players are continuing to regularly train privately in small groups with programs to follow from the Senior coach. Our players will be accountable to each other through sharing pictures and videos of themselves training in a private (players only) Facebook group to help keep the group engaged and active.

We know it’s important to comply with advice and direction from the relevant governing authorities and medical experts. We also know everyone is in the same situation, so we will continue to do what we can to be as prepared as we can.

There is no surety of the season starting on May 2nd, but we do expect to play a shortened season if and when it commences. We will deal with how it will work when we know more.

We have no known cases of the Covid-19 virus in our club’s large community, but we understand it is contagious and potentially harmful to some people. We want to help contain the spread of this virus and will continue to adapt to the directions as they emerge.

The Season Launch has been cancelled, and we will review future off field events as we know more over time.

Go Devils!

Steve Draper – President

Training & Practice games suspended

The EFNL have advised all clubs to suspend training, Practice games and events until further notice.

The Wantirna South FC Devils understand its role helping our community reduce the risk of spreading the COVID-19 and is complying with all directives from Government and EFNL.

As more information on the season ahead and other matters becomes available, we will update everyone.

Steve Draper – President