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Steve Draper –  President

No Games this week

Due to the split round, the Devils have no games this week – May 13th.  Many of the Senior players joined in at the Junior Devils training. See the Photos page for all the shots or the Facebook Page

Next game is at home Vs Mooroolbark – May 20th – Ladies Day

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Rd 4 Vs UFTG

Senior Team

Wantirna South 0.1-1 1.5-11 4.9-33 5.10-40
Upper Ferntree Gully 1.1-7 2.5-17 3.5-23 6.7-43

Goal Kickers: N. Papadopoulos, B. Hutchinson, J. Freeman, Z. Klibingaitis, D. Beddome
Best Players: S. Gerloff, D. Lang, D. Waller, A. Teakel, J. Hare, J. Denes

Go to “2017 Photos” page to see all photos

Development Team
Wantirna South 4.2-26 8.2-50 8.2-50 12.5-77
Upper Ferntree Gully 0.2-2 1.4-10 4.7-31 6.10-46

Goal Kickers: R. Papp 4, J. Stone 3, C. Cox 2, D. Papa, L. Greig, C. Gleeson

Best Players: C. Gleeson, S. McIntyre, L. Greig, R. Papp, B. Walker

Wantirna South 1.4-10 1.5-11 8.10-58 8.11-59
Upper Ferntree Gully 1.2-8 3.6-24 3.7-25 3.11-29

Goal Kickers: L. Grima 5, C. Cahill 2, J. Riley

Best Players: L. Grima, C. Ritchie, J. Riley, B. Sarinn, L. Konstantopoulos, C. Cahill

Upper Ferntree Gully 0.2-2 0.3-3 2.4-16 3.5-23
Wantirna South 5.3-33 8.6-54 10.9-69 11.13-79

Goal Kickers: D. Jenkins 4, B. Flower 3, H. Yusuf, D. Coutts, P. Nowland, S. Myers

All sides lost to Lilydale

  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Lilydale 2.4-16 3.4-22 5.5-35 10.10-70
Wantirna South 1.0-6 6.2-38 7.4-46 8.5-53

Goal Kickers: J. Freeman 2, N. Papadopoulos 2, D. Beddome 2, T. Leggate, M. Buzinskas
Best Players: D. Waller, D. Cromb, L. Wong, T. Lee, T. Clingan, B. Hutchinson

Development Team

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Lilydale 3.3-21 4.7-31 5.10-40 7.12-54
Wantirna South 0.2-2 3.3-21 3.11-29 6.13-49

Goal Kickers: L. Greig, S. McIntyre, J. Stone, C. Cox, J. Roberts, M. Denes

Best Players: C. Gleeson, L. Greig, S. McIntyre, J. Stone, J. Sarinn


  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Lilydale 1.4-10 5.7-37 9.13-67 16.15-111
Wantirna South 0.3-3 0.4-4 1.4-10 4.5-29

Goal Kickers: J. Riley 2, B. Smith, L. Grima

Best Players: J. Riley, R. Chatwin, J. Donald, C. Ritchie, L. Grima, N. Palamara