1996 Reunion this Saturday

1996 saw the club named EFL Champion Club – winning both the senior and Reserves Premierships.  This Saturday we have invited all those from then to join us at the club for lunch and great memories.  If we haven’t been in contact, please still come on down.  We don’t have contact details for everyone sadly, but we’re working on it.

flyer 96 (2)

We especially thank Bendigo Bank – Wantirna Branch for their support all year round, but particularly for making this event possible.

WantirnaCB logo 2016

Round 6 Results

Brent Walker Vs East Burwood - 2016
Played at Home – Walker Reserve
Seniors – WON by 42 points
Wantirna South 2.2 4.5 6.8 13-17-95
East Burwood 2.3 4.5 7.8 7-11-53

Goal Kickers: A. Papa 3, S. Scott 2, Brent Walker 2, Ulms, N. Papadopoulos, Lang, Teakel, Gleeson, Leggate
Best Players: N. Papadopoulos, Lee, Young, Brent. Walker, Hutchinson, Cromb, Ulms

Leading Goal Kickers:
Beddome        21
Brent Walker  12
Leggate            8
McIntyre          6
S.Scott              6
Ulms                 5
Lang                 5

Development Team (Reserves) – Won by 72 points

Wantirna South 4.7 4.10 8.17 11-19-85
East Burwood 1.0 1.1 1.1 2-1-13

Goal Kickers: Stone 6, J. Raab 2, Edgcumbe, Naylor, C. Cox
Best Players: R. Papp, Edgcumbe, J. Raab, Blake. Walker, Colosimo, Stone

Leading Goal Kickers:
Stone          14
Lynch            9
Jamieson      7
Hardham     7
R.Papp         5
Naylor          5
A.Papa          4
C.Cox             4
Edgecombe  4

U19 Team – Won by 74 points
Wantirna South 5.7 7.11 13.17 15-19-109
Mulgrave 0.1 1.3 1.3 5-5-35

Goal Kickers: Maaliki 5, Carter 3, Kline 2, Carney 2, Fraser, Smith, Grima
Best Players: Carter, Maaliki, N. Denes, B. Gerloff, Jensen, Carney

Leading Goal Kickers:
Maaliki       10
Grima         7
B.Gerlof      6
Carney        6
Kline           6
N.Denes     5
Carter         5

 Vets – No Game

Ladies Day this Saturday at Walker Reserve

Attention ladies of Wantirna South Football Club, the event you have been waiting for is finally here.. The WSFC Ladies Luncheon! This Saturday the 14th of May is an event you can’t miss!
This year we have a different sort of entertainment planned for you ladies unlike any other you’ve been to before, but there won’t be any lady like behavior going on here (Shhh… Don’t tell your husbands). Prepare yourself for some super girly laughs, shocks and pure entertainment that will be the talk of the town. We are looking forward to seeing you there

To secure your place, please click the following link to book your tickets:


Any questions please contact 0448701526. Thank you

Ladies Lunch 2016

Round 5 Results

Played away

Wantirna South lost by 29 points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mooroolbark 3.2-20 6.4-40 8.6-54 12.8-80
Wantirna South 1.3-9 1.7-13 6.8-44 7.9-51

Goal Kickers: Brent Walker 3, Leggate, S. Gerloff, Beddome, Lang
Best Players: Brent Walker, S.Gerloff, Leggate, Young, Hutchinson, Lee


Leading Goal Kickers:
Beddome         21
Brent walker    10
Leggate            7
McIntyre           6
Ulms                 4
S.Scott              4
Lang                 4

Development Team Won by 31 points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mooroolbark 0.1-1 4.1-25 9.1-55 10.1-61
Wantirna South 4.3-27 7.4-46 10.6-66 14.8-92
Goal Kickers: A. Papa 3, Colosimo 2, Lynch 2, Hardham 2, Jamieson, Edgcumbe, Blake Walker, Papp, Stone
Best Players: A. Papa, M. Denes, Papp, J. Raab, Huckstepp, Anderson
Leading Goal Kickers:
Lynch         9
Stone         7
Jamieson   7
Hardham   7
Papp           5
Naylor        4
A.Papa       4
C.Cox          3

Under 19’s won by 59 Points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mooroolbark 3.2-20 4.2-26 5.4-34 5.5-35
Wantirna South 0.1-1 5.8-38 8.11-59 13.16-94
Goal Kickers: Kline 4, N. Denes 3, Carney 3, Roberts, Carter, C. Cahill
Best Players: N. Denes, Roberts, C. Cahill, Pemberton, Jackson, Richardson


Leading Goal Kickers:
B.Gerlof     6
Grima         6
Maaliki       5
Carney       4
N.Denes     4
Kline           4

Vets – Won by 24 points

Upper Ferntree Gully 7.6-48
Wantirna South 9.10-64


Matt Clark – 100 games as Senior coach this week.

Matt Clark 2016
Every game counts ! Yet the football people celebrate ticking over multiples of 50 when it comes to games played and coached. This week our senior coach Matt Clark, coaches the senior team for the 100th game!
Matt is our longest serving coach, and many players have benefited from his leadership, guidance and football knowledge over the years. We are proud to have a man the caliber of Matt coaching our players.
Matt first joined the club as a player in 1998 when I was the senior coach of the club. Recruited from Bayswater, he was a high quality recruit at the time, and his leadership and playing ability had an impact from the start until he retired as a player.
In 2003, Matt was appointed Assistant coach, and was part of the successful premierships of 2004 & 2008 in that role. In 2011 Matt took over as senior coach in a very difficult time for the club. For those who remember, the club was playing at camel corner that year whilst our home ground got resurfaced. The club was also very light on for cash , sponsors and our playing list had thinned out. Matt was up for the challenge for the long haul, despite the short term looking bleak. The club was relegated from 2nd division that year, but started to turn just missing the finals in 3rd div in 2012.
With a grand final appearance in 2013, the club was heading in the right direction under “Clarky”. In 2014, the club won the 3rd div premiership which was an outstanding achievement given where the club was only 3 years before that.
Awarded life membership at the end of 2015, Matt is an example of what sticking to strong principles, and a genuine care for his players and their development can achieve.
Matt has experienced the highs and lows of football as a player and a coach, and our club and players have benefited from his insights and leadership. We are grateful we have a coach who understands what’s needed and how to manage and lead our players to be the best they can be.
Football is a game where you can easily be exposed if you are not genuine, but we are in great hands with Matt Clark leading the way. There are no short cuts, and Matt is proof of what can be achieved with genuine persistence and willingness to learn and evolve.
Thank you Matt Clark for all your years of giving to football and our club and players.
Steve Draper
Wantirna South Football Club

Round 4 Results

Senior Team Played away

Wantirna South Won by 53 Points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mitcham 2.1-13 4.2-26 6.4-40 9.6-60
Wantirna South 4.2-26 7.2-44 14.4-88 17.11-113

Goal Kickers: Beddome 6, McIntyre 3, D. Cromb 2, Ulms, Lang, B. Cromb, J. Denes, Teakel, S. Scott
Best Players: Lang, Ulms, Beddome, D. Cromb, Teakel, Lee, Cook, Sarrin

Leading Goal Kickers:
Beddome        20
Brent walker    7
McIntyre           6
Leggate             6
Ulms                 4
S.Scott              4
D.Cromb          3
Lang                  3

Development Team

Wantirna South Won by 75 points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mitcham 0.0 1.2-8 1.2-8 1.3-9
Wantirna South 4.1-25 7.1-43 8.7-55 12.12-84

Goal Kickers: H. Yusuf 2, Stone 2, Jamieson, Stevens, A. Papa, Hardham, Papp, Naylor, M. Denes, D. Scott
Best Players: H. Yusuf, Papp, Hardham, Stone, Raab, Huckstep, Colosimo

Leading Goal Kickers:

Lynch         7
Stone         7
Jamieson   6
Hardham   5
Papp           4
Naylor        4
C.Cox          3

Under 19’s Lost by 22 points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Mitcham 3.2-20 6.4-40 9.7-61 13.10-88
Wantirna South 2.3-15 3.5-23 5.8-38 9.12-66

Goal Kickers: Smith 2, B. Gerloff 2, Maaliki 2, Roberts, Ritchie, Grima
Best Players: Jensen, Roberts, Maaliki,  Grima, B. Gerloff, Catros

Leading Goal Kickers:
B.Gerlof     6
Grima         6
Maaliki       5

Vets – No game