Ladies Day – May 14th 2016

Attention ladies of Wantirna South Football Club, the event you have been waiting for is finally here.. The WSFC Ladies Luncheon! This Saturday the 14th of May is an event you can’t miss!
This year we have a different sort of entertainment planned for you ladies unlike any other you’ve been to before, but there won’t be any lady like behavior going on here (Shhh… Don’t tell your husbands). Prepare yourself for some super girly laughs, shocks and pure entertainment that will be the talk of the town. We are looking forward to seeing you there

To secure your place, please click the following link to book your tickets:

Any questions please contact 0448701526. Thank you

Ladies Lunch 2016

Round 3 Results

Played at Home

Senior Team

Wantirna South WON by 104 Points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Wantirna South 7.7-49 11.14-80 18.19-127 23.23-161
Doncaster East 2.4-16 3.5-23 6.7-43 8.9-57
Goal Kickers: Beddome 8, McIntyre 3, Leggate 3, Ulms 2, Papadopoulos 2, Lang, Young, Brent  Walker, D. Cromb, Scott
Best Players: Hutchinson, Beddome, Lee, Young, D. Cromb, McIntyre, Leggate, Sarrin

Development Team
Wantirna South WON by 39 Points
Q1 Q2 Q3
Wantirna South 3.1-19 8.3-51 11.5-71 14.8-92
Doncaster East 2.5-17 3.6-24 6.7-43 7.11-53
Goal Kickers: Lynch 3, R. Papp 3, Hardham 3, C. Cox 2, Edgcumbe, Peterson, Naylor
Best Players: Anderson, Hardham, Brooks,  Lynch, Edgcumbe,  Stopinski, Raab

  • Under 19’S – BYE
  • Vets     North Ringwood 23-20-158 Defeated Wantirna South 4-1-25

r.3 2016 v.Doncaster East - Hutchinson & Wong WSFC Line up for ANZAC Game 2016

ANZAC Game Jumper 2016

We are proud to have been selected to be part of the RSL ANZAC Games.  As part of this we are supplied a special, once off design, set of our jumpers in the ANZAC spirit.

Our Senior Team will be wearing it this Saturday when we play at home against East Doncaster.

Club Captains Tim Lee & Brent Walker tried them on at training tonight.

The jumpers will be sold after the game to raise money for the RSL and the club.

See you Saturday at Walker Reserve.ANZAC Jumper Walker & Lee 2

Round 2 Results Vs Waverley

Played at Home

Wantirna South LOST by 14 points

 Senior Teams Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Wantirna South 1.3-9 5.6-36 5.9-39 9.18-72
Waverley 3.6-24 5.6-36 7.13-55 12.14-86

Wantirna South:

Goal Kickers: Beddome 2, Brent Walker 2, Ulms, Hutchinson, Leggate, Lang, Scott

Best Players: Teakel, Lee, J.Denes, Scott, Lang, Gerloff

Development Team

Wantirna South WON by 43 points

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Wantirna South 3.4-22 4.11-35 6.13-49 10.17-77
Waverley 1.1-7 1.3-9 4.4-28 5.4-34

Wantirna South

Goal Kickers: Jamieson 3, Stone 2, Lynch 2, Naylor 2, P. Cahill
Best Players: Anderson, Hardham, Jamieson, Lynch, Naylor, Clarke, Stopinski

Under 19’s
Wantirna South WON by 43 points
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Wantirna South 3.2-20 6.7-43 10.10-70 15.11-101
Waverley 2.3-15 4.5-29 6.7-43 8.10-58

Wantirna South

Goal Kickers: Grima 3, N. Denes 2, Maaliki 2, B. Gerloff 2, Fraser, Roberts, C. Cahill, Jackson,  Carney, D. Raab
Best Players: Grima, N. Denes, B. Gerloff, Pemberton, Maaliki, Ritchie

Round 1 Results Vs Mulgrave

Played at Mulgrave
Seniors – Won by 44 points
Wantirna South 2.0 4.1 8.3 14.9-93
Mulgrave 0.3 1.6 5.10 6.13-49

Goal Kickers: B. Walker 4, D. Beddome 4, T. Leggate 2, J. Sarinn 2, A. Teakel, S. Scott

Best Players: Scott, Lee, D.Cromb,Young, J.Denes, Sarrin, Brent Walker, Birkett, Harkness

Development Team (Reserves) – Won by 7 points

Wantirna South 3.3 8.3 11.4 12.7-79
Mulgrave 3.2 6.4 7.7 10.12-72

Goal Kickers: Stone 3, Lynch 2, Jamieson 2, P. Cahill, C. Cox, Edgcumbe, Rozakis, Hardham
Best Players: Baker, M. Denes, Stopinski, Lynch, Stone, P. Cahill, Anderson

U19 Team lost by 46
Mulgrave 6.4 8.7 11.9 14.16-100
Wantirna South 0.2 2.3 6.6 8.6-54
Goal Kickers: Grima 2, B. Gerloff 2, Maaliki, Wong, C. Cahill, Carter
Best Players: Catros, B.Gerloff, Wong, Maaliki, Richardson, D.Raab

Captains for 2016

We are proud to announce Brent Walker & Tim Lee as Co-Captains of the senior team for 2016. Great players and men of our club !

The Co-Captains of the development Team are Kyle Brookes and Jake Stopinski.

The U19 Co-Captains are Tyson Henry & Nathan Denes.

It all starts Saturday ! Vs Mulgrave at Mulgrave.


Brent Walker
Brent Walker
Tim Lee
Tim Lee