Round 15 vs Mitcham


WS 12.11.83 def Mitcham 8.16.64

Goal Kickers: D. Beddome 3, B. Walker 3, A. Papa 2, A. Teakel , J. Denes , A. Goland , T. Leggate
Best Players: B. Walker , D. Cromb , B. Hutchinson , T. Lee , J. Freeman , S. Young


WS 8.5.53 deb by Mitcham 12.12.84

Goal Kickers: A. Azzopardi 3, M. Dimashki 2, S. Murray , D. Papa , S. Bates
Best Players: S. Murray , K. Brooks , J. Stopinski , M. Persson-Clark , J. Sarinn , H. Yusuf


WS 10.12.72 def Mitcham 9.11.65

Goal Kickers: S. Naylor 3, S. Carter , J. Graffen , D. Kline , L. Wong , J. Rozakis , C. Mitrevski , Z. Robinson
Best Players: L. Wong , C. Mitrevski , J. Kells , J. Buaban , T. Anderson , S. Hallam


Hi All,

It’s a massive game this weekend in ALL grades against Mitcham, to get one over them before the finals would be a great result. We would love to see all our supporters out at Walker Park this Saturday cheering the boys on.  After the game we will head to one of our major sponsors – The Knox Club for the awards which will kick off about 6.30pm. It is important we all go back as a club and support people who support us.

**IMPORTANT**  Any unfinancial Players will not be available for selection if debts are not cleared by Rnd 16. Please see Les Cochrane ASAP.

Some dates coming up to put in your diary.

Juniors Finals – Start this Sunday 27th July. There is a roster up on the notice board for players to check which 2 hour shift they have been allocated to assist the smooth running of the finals. The finals go for 4 weeks so please help out where you have been asked, remembering that running this brings in alot of money to the footy club so it’s very important.

Wild West Night – Sat, 2nd August is the last players function of the year. A Wild West Night. The players are running it but you are all invited to dress up and come along on the night. It will be a belter of an evening, especially after 3 wins at Boronia during the day.

$1,000 Cash Draw and Lunch – Sat. 9th August is the last home game against Whitehorse and the 1K draw and lunch will be on. More details will be posted on the App as soon as they come to hand.

WSFC Vote Count – Sat, 16th August is the vote count. Very exciting night where we find out the best players in each of the teams for 2014.

Finals – The dates for the finals are as below.

Elimination Final- Saturday, 23 August
Qualifying Final – Sunday, 24 August
1st Semi Final – Saturday, 30 August
2nd Semi Final – Sunday, 31 August
Preliminary Final – Sunday, 7 September
Grand Final – Sunday, 14 September

Presentation Night – Friday, 19th September. Whitehorse Club, ticket prices and other information will be release as they come to hand.

The club is looking for recruits for 2015 to join the committee. The club is in an exciting position going forward and would like to recruit keen and motivated persons for next season. If you are interested or would like to discuss this further then please speak to Ron.


Ron Hoogkamer – Preseident


Round 14 vs Upper Ferntree Gully


WS 12.17.89 def UFTG 6.8.44

Goal Kickers: B. Hutchinson 3, B. Walker 2, A. Papa 2, T. Leggate , L. Greig , J. Barrie , N. Papadopoulos , R. Baker
Best Players: J. Denes, B. Hutchinson, T. Leggate, A. Papa, J. Birkett , D. Cromb


Sarinn vs UpperCahill vs UpperHoop vs Upper










WS 17.14.116 def UFTG 6.5.41

Goal Kickers: B. Hardham 6, A. Azzopardi 4, M. Dimashki 3, H. Yusuf , J. Stone , D. Lang , D. Kouvardas
Best Players: M. Persson-Clark, D. Lang, B. Hardham, J. Raab, A. Azzopardi, H. Yusuf


WS 19.11.125 def UFTG 3.13.31

Goal Kickers: J. Rozakis 5, J. Graffen 4, S. Naylor 3, B. Croxford 3, Z. Robinson , J. Roberts , B. Lynch , T. Henry
Best Players: J. Rozakis, S. Hallam, A. Creak, T. Anderson, J. Kells, S. Naylor

Round 13 vs Heathmont


WS 16.20.116 def Heathmont 3.4.22

Goal Kickers: A. Papa 5, T. Leggate 3, B. Hutchinson 2, B. Walker 2, D. Cromb , A. Teakel , L. Greig , J. Barrie
Best Players: R. Baker, A. Papa, B. Hutchinson, A. Goland, S. Edgcumbe, L. Greig


WS 21.21.147 def Heathmont 4.6.30

Goal Kickers: M. Dimashki 5, S. Bates 5, S. Murray 4, A. Azzopardi 3, J. Stone 2, H. Yusuf , M. Denes
Best Players: H. Yusuf, S. Murray, J. Raab, K. Brooks, S. Bates


WS 23.15.153 def Heathmont 0.5.5

Goal Kickers: B. Croxford 11, S. Naylor 3, T. Phillips 3, M. Devin 2, S. Carter 2, B. Lynch , S. Hallam
Best Players: S. Carter, S. Naylor, B. Croxford, A. Creak, S. Hallam, G. Frantz 

Round 12 vs Chirnside Park


WS 15.8.98 def Chirnside 9.6.60

Goal Kickers: B. Walker 4, J. Barrie 3, D. Beddome 2, R. Papp 2, J. Denes , T. Leggate , S. Young , B. Hutchinson
Best Players: B. Harkness, T. Lee, A. Goland, B. Walker, J. Barrie, S. Edgcumbe

WS 15.9.99 def Chirnside 0.3.3

Goal Kickers: B. Hardham 6, S. Colosimo 3, M. Roberson 2, P. Cahill 2, S. Bates , B. Cromb
Best Players: J. Raab, B. Cromb, M. Denes, P. Cahill, B. Hardham

WS 19.17.131 def Chirnside 5.11.41

Goal Kickers: B. Croxford 5, M. Devin 4, S. Naylor 3, S. Hallam 2, A. Takkos , D. Kline , A. Creak , S. Carter , J. Rozakis
Best Players: Z. Robinson, A. Creak, B. Lynch, T. Phillips, M. Devin, J. Buaban