Subs & Player Sponsors

Subs – Why are they paid by players to the club?

All Players make a contribution to the costs of the resources provided to all players – Most clubs call this “Subs”. Every player at the Devils pays his subs – This year it is $450 for senior players, $200 for U19’s, $220 Veterans

The resources provided by most clubs include: The Ground, the rooms, Coaching, Medical care, insurances, Training & game equipment ie footballs & Gym etc, EFL, umpires…the list goes on.   and at our club, the weekly cleaning and maintenance of the playing jumper.

Why Sponsor a Player?

  • Players sacrifice a lot to play football at the levels we challenge them to play at the Devils.
  • We hope others in his life can support him to do his best – Family, employer, mates
  • We want to connect businesses with people who love football
  • We strongly encourage our players to source a “sponsor” to help the club provide what is needed, as it costs more than the “subs” we charge per player. 
  • It is a program designed to help the players reduce their costs and help fund the club they play for.
  • Because you want to help a young footballer play the game

How much to sponsor a player ?

$200 Minimum      

  • Any amount you like starting at $200, but if you sponsor a player from $200 to $399, he’ll get 50% of the commitment off his subs
  • Sponsor him from $400 to $599 and he’ll get 75% of the commitment off his subs

Sponsor a player for $600 or more and his subs are waived completely

Are you a business?

As part of the program, we will add you to our In Club TV and recognise your business as a player sponsor of the Devils.  We can connect you to our members and our business partners which could get you more business than you had before you were part of the Devils.

Further, a business player sponsor that commits $400 or more will be added to the Scoreboard advertising rotation on game day

Not a Business?

Anyone can sponsor a player or multiple players.  We have past players, family members, passionate supporters and mates who sponsor players each season. 

Contact us if you’re interested:

Devils Player Sponsor form