Round 9 vs Whitehorse Pioneers


WS 26.9.165 def Whitehorse 8.8.56

Goal Kickers: D. Beddome 7, B. Walker 3, M. Jamieson 3, R. Papp 3, L. Greig 2, A. Azzopardi 2, R. Baker , B. Cromb , T. Leggate , B. Harkness , S. Edgcumbe , S. McIntyre

Best Players: B. Hutchinson, L. Greig, S. Houghton, J. Denes, D. Beddome, M. Jamieson



WS 30.15.195 def Whitehorse 2.3.15

Goal Kickers: J. Stone 6, M. Persson-Clark 4, B. Hardham 4, S. Colosimo 3, S. Murray 3, M. Dimashki 3, K. Brooks 3, H. Yusuf 3, J. Raab

Best Players: H. Yusuf, T. Huckstepp, J. Stone, S. Murray, B. Hardham, M. Denes



WS 20.17.137 def Whitehorse 7.6.48

Goal Kickers: T. Phillips 4, S. Naylor 4, D. Kline 3, B. Croxford 2, J. Rozakis 2, B. Lynch 2, A. Creak 2, N. Fajloun

Best Players: S. Naylor, A. Creak, J. Buaban, M. Devin, J. Roberts, T. Phillips



Round 7 vs The Basin


WS 13.12.90 def The Basin 9.8.62

Goal Kickers: M. Jamieson 5, A. Papa 2, B. Walker 2, D. Beddome 2, T. Leggate , D. Cromb
Best Players: M. Jamieson, D. Cromb, B. Harkness, J. Denes, R. Baker


WS 13.10.88 def The Basin 11.11.77

Goal Kickers: R. Papp 5, D. Papa 2, B. Hardham 2, J. Stone 2, J. Barrie , J. Denes
Best Players: R. Papp, T. Huckstepp, S. McIntyre, K. Brooks, B. Cromb


WS 17.15.117 def The Basin 9.11.65

Goal Kickers: S. Carter 5, B. Lynch 3, J. Graffen 2, J. Roberts 2, J. Rozakis , S. Naylor , B. Croxford , J. Smith , A. Creak
Best Players: S. Carter, T. Anderson, J. Graffen, J. Buaban, J. Rozakis, S. Naylor


Round 6 vs Ringwood


WS 11.20.86 def Ringwood 6.9.45

Goal Kickers: N. Papadopoulos 2, B. Walker 2, M. Jamieson 2, J. Freeman , T. Leggate , D. Cromb , A. Goland , D. Beddome
Best Players: S. Edgcumbe, T. Lee, A. Goland, B. Harkness, M. Jamieson, B. Hutchinson



WS 15.13.103 def Ringwood 8.4.52

Goal Kickers: J. Denes 3, S. Colosimo 3, R. Papp 2, J. Stone 2, P. Cahill 2, S. McIntyre , B. Hardham , J. Barrie
Best Players: S. McIntyre, J. Barrie, J. Denes, T. Huckstepp, J. Stopinski, P. Cahill



WS 16.6.102 def Ringwood 15.9.99

Goal Kickers: B. Croxford 4, B. Lynch 3, S. Naylor 2, J. Roberts 2, T. Clarke , J. Graffen , J. Rozakis
Best Players: J. Graffen, T. Anderson, S. Carter, B. Lynch, J. Roberts, C. Liddy

Round 5 vs Mitcham


WS 8.11.59 def by Mitcham 12.19.91

Goal Kickers: D. Beddome 4, A. Teakel 2, S. McIntyre , A. Azzopardi
Best Players: T. Lee, T. Cook, D. Beddome, J. Birkett , A. Goland, A. Teakel



WS 13.16.94 def Mitcham 10.6.66

Goal Kickers: S. Colosimo 3, P. Cahill 2, B. Hardham 2, A. Brougham , D. Papa , B. Cromb , S. Bates , A. Veal , S. Murray
Best Players: B. Walker, P. Cahill, J. Stopinski, T. Huckstepp, S. Murray, B. Hardham



WS 3.10.28 def by Mitcham 8.8.56

Goal Kickers: J. Graffen 2, T. Phillips
Best Players: T. Anderson, T. Phillips, J. Roberts, A. Creak, S. Naylor, C. Liddy

Round 4 vs Chirnside Park


Wantirna Sth 11.16.82 def Chirnside Park 5.8.38

Goal Kickers: D. Beddome 4, B. Walker 3, L. Greig 2, T. Leggate , B. Hutchinson
Best Players: B. Walker, B. Hutchinson, A. Goland, D. Beddome, S. Houghton, S. Young


Wantirna Sth 26.19.175 def Chirnside Park 6.6.42

Goal Kickers: B. Hardham 10, R. Papp 5, P. Cahill 2, J. Stone 2, M. Dimashki 2, L. Small , S. Bates , S. Murray , M. Persson-Clark , D. Papa
Best Players: B. Hardham, P. Cahill, D. Papa, S. Murray, H. Yusuf


Wantirna Sth 24.16.160 def Chirnside Park 4.11.35

Goal Kickers: T. Phillips 4, J. Rozakis 3, J. Graffen 3, B. Lynch 2, B. Croxford 2, T. Clarke 2, S. Naylor 2, L. Grima 2, H. Ballard , D. Kline , A. Creak , D. Carney
Best Players: D. Kline, T. Phillips, J. Graffen, C. Liddy, S. Naylor, S. Hallam


Vets – Rnd 2 vs Scoresby

Wantirna Sth 4.3.27 def by Scoresby 10.16.76


Round 3 vs Upper Gully



Upper Ferntree Gully 7.8-50 def by Wantirna South 10.4-64

Goal Kickers: B. Walker 3, S. Young , M. Jamieson , D. Beddome , D. Cromb , C. Ransom , A. Papa , B. Hutchinson
Best Players: B. Walker, A. Goland, B. Hutchinson, T. Leggate, D. Lang, R. Baker


Upper Ferntree Gully 6.12-48 def by Wantirna South 16.9-105

Goal Kickers: M. Dimashki 5, R. Papp 5, J. Stone 3, B. Hardham 2, D. Papa
Best Players: H. Yusuf, J. Birkett , M. Persson-Clark, T. Tranter, R. Papp, M. Dimashki





Upper Ferntree Gully 10.14-74 def Wantirna South 10.12-72

Goal Kickers: T. Clarke 3, J. Graffen 3, J. Rozakis 2, S. Naylor , B. Lynch
Best Players: T. Clarke, J. Graffen, L. Wong, T. Anderson, J. Rozakis, J. Roberts

Vets – Rnd 1

Wantirna South 9.7-61 def Kilsyth 4.13-37

Goal Kickers: L. Newey 2, G. Beckett 2, S. Aldons , T. Pay


Round 2 vs South Belgrave


WS 20.13.133 def South Belgrave 10.12.72

Goal Kickers: D. Beddome 6, M. Jamieson 4, A. Papa 3, S. Edgcumbe 2, N. Papadopoulos 2, A. Azzopardi , A. Teakel , T. Leggate

Best Players: A. Teakel, N. Papadopoulos, S. Young, C. Ransom, T. Lee, D. Beddome



WS 19.13.127 def South Belgrave 6.7.43

Goal Kickers: B. Walker 3, S. McIntyre 3, J. Raab 2, T. Tranter 2, S. Bates 2, J. Stone , D. Papa , M. Dimashki , P. Cahill , R. Baker , R. Papp , J. Birkett

Best Players: B. Walker, S. Murray, J. Birkett , J. Stopinski, R. Baker



WS 13.15.93 def South Belgrave 11.8.74

Goal Kickers: M. Devin 5, J. Graffen 3, S. Carter 2, T. Clarke , T. Phillips , D. Kline

Best Players: T. Anderson, J. Roberts, A. Creak, T. Phillips, J. Rozakis, J. Kells

Round 1 vs Templestowe


Templestowe 11.9.75 def Wantirna Sth 6.9.45

Goal Kickers: B. Hutchinson 2, M. Jamieson , A. Papa , A. Goland , C. Ransom
Best Players: T. Lee, B. Hutchinson, C. Ransom, T. Cook, T. Leggate, S. Young


Wantirna Sth 13.7.85 def Templestowe 5.3.33

Goal Kickers: J. Stopinski 2, J. Stone 2, S. McIntyre 2, M. Dimashki 2, T. Huckstepp 2, B. Cromb , J. Barrie , D. Papa
Best Players: J. Barrie, W. Phillips, J. Stopinski, S. McIntyre, T. Huckstepp


Wantirna Sth 13.7.85 def Templestowe 12.8.80

Goal Kickers: J. Rozakis 3, S. Naylor 3, D. Kline 2, M. Devin 2, A. Creak , B. Croxford , T. Anderson
Best Players: T. Phillips, S. Naylor, J. Rozakis, J. Kells, A. Creak, S. Hallam

Devils Mantra – To Keep Improving

The Devils coaching and playing group are aiming to build on the success of 2013 – the benefit of playing in the finals series should not be lost on any player and supporter of the club – although the final result was not what we were aiming for, it was the experience that the playing group has gained that is important.

Playing in the finals does not mean it will automatically happen again next  season  – nothing can be taken for granted in 2014 as Division Three football will be as competitive as ever with many teams boosting their playing stocks.

“We haven’t really touched on last year’s Grand Final loss. We want to keep improving, to do that we’re going to have to work hard,” Clark said. “The workload of the guys and the attitude has been fantastic.”

Our list has no doubt improved and the coaches are excited by the quality of our new recruits and the development of the existing players who have worked hard and united together. With Round 1 against Templestowe looming the Devils are determined to start the season well and be a top five team again.

Our practice match form has been good with wins over Yarra Valley teams – Upwey Tecoma and Healesville – both games have allowed the coaches to assess the playing group – round one selection will be difficult with many players putting their hands up for consideration.

The team will be led by Andrew Teakel, with Tim Lee, Brent Walker and Brayden Harkness as vice captains. They are also joined by Andrew Azzopardi and Anthony Pappa in the Devils leadership team.

The Devils haven’t made any major changes to their game plan for the upcoming season. However, we have added some height to the list. The new look ruck division will be lead by Scott Houghton from Balwyn. “We’ve given him an opportunity to grow as a ruckman. He’s lost weight and got really fit,” Clark said. He will be supported by young tall Jake Denes from Scoresby.

Clark says his players will simply be focusing on honing the skills they have established over previous years. “We are working on being really well drilled at everything we do.” he said.

The strong midfield group has been bolstered by Andrew Goland (Nunawading), Ryan Baker (Scoresby), and David Lang (Glen Waverley Hawks).

“We want to move the ball fast and we want to defend well when we don’t have it.” The key aspect of the team philosophy is to support each other either in defence, on the attack or at a stoppage – working hard for your teammate!

In defence, Sean Young has been performing well, as has new recruit from Glen Waverley Hawks Tim Cook.  Up forward, strong marking Robert Papp from Nunawading will be one of the key targets to kick a winning score.

Thanks to all supporters, sponsors and the hard working committee and we look forward to seeing you at the games and in the clubrooms as always – your continued support has a big impact on the playing group weekly.