Article from the Leadernews:

WANTIRNA South will get the chance to avenge its ­Division 3 grand final loss of last year after winning a thrilling second semi-final against Mitcham on Sunday.

In a game worthy of grand final status, the two sides traded blows all afternoon at East Burwood Reserve.

There was less than a kick in it when Andrew Goland strolled through a pack and slotted home the winning goal with 28 minutes on the clock.

The Devils held on to win by 10 points, 16.11 (107) to 13.19 (97).

Wantirna South had the first win of the day at the coin toss, choosing to kick with a stiff breeze in the first term. After meeting some early resistance, the Devils made the most of it, slamming through five unanswered goals.

It was a versatile Wantirna South forward line doing the job, with all five goals coming from open play.

Steve Pimm got the Tigers on the board with a steadying goal, and David Searl snuck one in before the quarter-time siren to keep the Tigers in the hunt.

They trailed by 17 points at the first change.

Mitcham made a fast start with two goals early in the second term, but the Devils held them in check.

Brent Walker and Ryan Baker answered for Wantirna South before Daniel Beddome converted a strong grab to give his side a 22-point buffer. Pimm again had to halt the Devils’ run, and a goal to Anthony Faulkner had the Tigers within two kicks; the margin was 14 points at half time.

The Devils built on their advantage through old-­fashioned methods.

They were disciplined, they hit their targets and converted their chances.

And they kept at it in the third term, kicking two quick goals and threatening to run away with it.

Mitcham applied the brakes, but the Devils still led by four goals.

As he had twice before, Pimm stopped the Devils’ run with a goal, but the ­Tigers wasted a number of other good opportunities.

The margin was three goals at the three-quarter time siren and the game was on the line.

Mitcham made an early run to erase the deficit and took a lead midway through the final term.

The Tigers should have known it wasn’t their day when Pimm’s late effort to give them the lead hit the top of the point post.

The winners booked a week off and a spot in the grand final, while Mitcham will face Templestowe in the preliminary final this Sunday at East Burwood Reserve.

Leggate vs Mitcham



WS 16.11.107 def Mitcham 13.19.97

Goal Kickers: D. Beddome 4, L. Greig 2, B. Walker 2, B. Hutchinson 2, D. Cromb 2, A. Goland 2, S. McIntyre , J. Denes

Best Players: , L. Greig , S. Edgcumbe , A. Goland , T. Lee , J. Birkett , D. Beddome

Seniors go into the Div 3 grand final and will have this weekend off.


WS 6.5.41 lost to Mitcham 10.10.70

Goal Kickers: M. Jamieson 3, S. Murray , B. Hardham , S. Bates

Best Players: , H. Yusuf , B. Hardham , S. Murray , J. Stopinski , S. Colosimo , S. Bates

Reserves will play Ringwood in the Preliminary Final this Sunday.


WS 15.8.98 def Templestowe 4.10.34

Goal Kickers: J. Graffen 5, D. Kline 2, C. Mitrevski 2, B. Croxford , E. Vakalis , Z. Robinson , J. Rozakis , B. Lynch , S. Naylor

Best Players: , T. Anderson , S. Naylor , Z. Robinson , L. Wong , J. Graffen , J. Roberts

The U19’s will play Boronia in the Preliminary Final this Sunday.


All 3 WSFC sides feature in finals this weekend. The details of the games are below. A reminder it is $13 entry.

Saturday 30 August – FIRST SEMI FINAL

UNDER 19’s- 9.40 am.
Wantirna South V Templestowe

Sunday 31 August – SECOND SEMI FINAL

RESERVES –11.55 am.

Wantirna South V Mitcham

SENIORS – 2.10 pm. 

Wantirna South V Mitcham


Presentation Night 2014

WSFC Presentation Night and Des Brown 50th Year Celebration

** A night not to be missed **

6.30pm start and ticket prices are $85 p/p.

You can pay for your ticket using the Team Store section on the club App, or you can transfer using internet banking to the clubs account details below.

Wantirna Sth FC
BSB 633 000
A/C 133142265
REF – Your full name


Presentation Night

Goal Kickers 2014

Daniel Beddome 42 Brett Hardham 45
Brent Walker 37 Mark Dimashki 35
Anthony Papa 21 Josh Stone 31
Michael Jamieson 17 Rob Papp 24
Taylor Leggate 17 Sam Bates 19
Jason Barrie 15 Steve Colosimo 16
Brad Hutchinson 14 Dean Papa 13
Lachie Greig 12 Peter Cahill 13
Andrew Azzopardi 9 Shaun Murray 13
Nick Papadopoulos 6 Andrew Azzopardi 11
Andrew Teakel 6 Morgan Clark 8
Sam McIntyre 6 Hus Yusuf 8
Rob Papp 6 Jimmy Sarinn 7
Daniel Cromb 5 Sam McIntyre 6
Andrew Goland 4 Jayden Raab 6
Ryan Baker 4 Jake Stopinski 5
Scott Edgcumbe 3 Ben Cromb 4
Jake Denes 3 Ryan Baker 3
Cal Ransom 2 Jason Barrie 3
Shaun Young 2 Brent Walker 3
Jackson Freeman 1 Troy Tranter 3
Braydon Harkness 1 Jake Denes 3
Scott Houghton 1 Kyle Brooks 3
Matt Roberson 3
Mark Denes 2
Johnny Frantz 2
Jack Birkett 1
Luke Small 1
Aaron Brougham 1
Fez Veal 1
Jayden Cox 1
Daniel Kouvs 1
David Lang 1
Will Phillips 1
Ty Huckstepp 1



WS 17.9.111 def The Basin 14.9.93

Goal Kickers: B. Walker 4, D. Beddome 4, J. Barrie 3, S. McIntyre 2, A. Azzopardi , B. Hutchinson , L. Greig , J. Denes

Best Players: , B. Walker , D. Beddome , B. Harkness , D. Cromb , S. McIntyre , B. Hutchinson


WS 14.15.99 def The Basin 11.9.75

Goal Kickers: B. Hardham 5, J. Stone 4, M. Dimashki 2, H. Yusuf , D. Papa , S. Bates

Best Players: , H. Yusuf , C. Cox , T. Cook , B. Hardham , S. Colosimo , M. Denes


WS 18.16.124 def The Basin 10.6.66

Goal Kickers: J. Graffen 3, L. Wong 2, C. Mitrevski 2, J. Rozakis 2, B. Croxford 2, B. Lynch 2, E. Vakalis , T. Phillips , T. Anderson , Z. Robinson , S. Carter

Best Players: , T. Phillips , J. Rozakis , L. Wong , J. Graffen , J. Kells , J. Roberts


Seniors: W.S 9.13.67 def Whitehorse 4.11.35

Goal Kickers: A. Papa 2, T. Leggate 2, L. Greig , A. Azzopardi , S. Houghton , J. Barrie , A. Teakel
Best Players: , D. Cromb , D. Lang , J. Birkett , B. Hutchinson , B. Walker , A. Teakel

Reserves: W.S 20.17.137 def Whitehorse 2.6.18

Goal Kickers: J. Sarinn 4, M. Dimashki 3, J. Raab 2, D. Papa 2, S. Bates 2, S. Colosimo 2, T. Tranter , W. Phillips , J. Frantz , J. Stone , T. Huckstepp
Best Players: , J. Sarinn , J. Raab , S. Colosimo , W. Phillips , C. Gleeson , D. Papa

U19’s: W.S 24.18.162 def Whitehorse 0.3.3

Goal Kickers: J. Graffen 7, S. Naylor 7, T. Phillips 3, L. Grima 2, J. Rozakis 2, S. Hallam 2, B. Croxford
Best Players: , J. Kells , S. Naylor , S. Carter , A. Creak , J. Graffen , J. Roberts



WS 8.18.66 def Boronia 3.12.30

Goal Kickers: R. Baker 2, L. Greig 2, T. Leggate , S. McIntyre , R. Papp , J. Barrie
Best Players: , R. Baker , J. Freeman , A. Teakel , L. Greig , J. Denes , S. Edgcumbe


WS 6.7.43 def Boronia 6.5.41

Goal Kickers: M. Dimashki 2, J. Sarinn 2, S. Bates , J. Stopinski
Best Players: , S. Murray , H. Yusuf , J. Mathews , T. Huckstepp , K. Brooks , C. Gleeson


WS 5.4.34 def Boronia 4.7.31

Goal Kickers: B. Croxford , M. Devin , S. Naylor , L. Wong , B. Lynch
Best Players: , S. Naylor , A. Creak , J. Kells , S. Hallam , Z. Robinson , T. Anderson