Round 4 Results vs Mooroolbark


Wantirna South 9.19.73 def Mooroolbark 9.12.66
Goal Kickers: B. Walker 2, T. Leggate 2, J. Barrie , T. Carmody , D. Beddome , D. Cromb , B. Hutchinson
Best Players: , B. Hutchinson , A. Teakel , A. Riddle , N. Johnson , T. Leggate , D. Lang

Wantirna South 21.17.143 def Mooroolbark 3.5.23
Goal Kickers: M. Dimashki 9, J. Stone 3, J. Graffen 2, D. Kouvardas 2, R. Papp 2, S. Hallam , H. Yusuf , J. Frantz
Best Players: , M. Dimashki , J. Raab , J. Graffen , J. Frantz , S. Hallam , S. Crow

Wantirna South 5.13.43 lost to Mooroolbark 19.14.128
Goal Kickers: L. Wong , N. Denes , S. Carter , B. Croxford , J. Rozakis
Best Players: , N. Denes , L. Wong , B. Lynch , J. Roberts , J. Jensen , J. Catros


Wantirna Sth 14.17.101 def Forest Hill 6.5.41

Goal Kickers: B. Flower 5, D. Jenkins 3, L. Newey 2, L. McMillan 2, S. Myers 2

WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 002-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 114-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 101-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 088-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 073-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 064-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 051-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 015-b WS v.Mooroolbark r.4 011-b




Want to own a little slice of a Wanny Sth player? Then become a player sponsor. All our players are available for sponsorship at a starting cost of $150. 

What do I get for my money you ask? $150.00 player sponsorship provides:

Name and/or company on player photo (photo’s displayed in clubrooms and on our rolling sponsors TV)
WSFC Home Game membership (Single), entry to all home games for 1 person.
Exclusive pre-game email from the Coach with selection news and words from Matt Clark on our up and coming game, as well as a review of the game.
Sponsors night during the season with drinks and nibbles provided.
But most of all you are supporting local football and the Devils as they strive to be the best club in Knox.

Feel the heat and contact Azza if you want to jump on board.
0422 052 392


Player sponsor form 2015 


Devils 2015

Round 3 Results vs Doncaster


Want Sth 6.2.38 drew Doncaster 5.8.38
Goal Kickers: T. Leggate 2, D. Beddome , B. Walker , J. Barrie , T. Lee
Best Players: , S. McIntyre , S. Houghton , J. Denes , D. Lang , A. Riddle


Want Sth 8.8.56 def Doncaster 3.3.21
Goal Kickers: J. Stone 2, R. Papp 2, H. Yusuf , M. Dimashki , B. Walker , S. Crow
Best Players: , J. Sarinn , H. Yusuf , T. Cook , J. Graffen , C. Gleeson


Want Sth 4.11.35 def by Doncaster 9.2.56
Goal Kickers: D. Kline 2, T. Clarke , B. Lynch
Best Players: , J. Pollard , L. Wong , N. Jackson , S. Carter , J. Buaban , J. Catros

Walks Doncaster r.3 003-b Leggate2 v.Doncaster r.3 059-b Leggate v.Doncaster r.3 018-b Hutchy Doncaster r.3 001-b Dipper2 v.Doncaster r.3 046-b Carmody v Doncaster r.3 014-b Barrie v.Doncaster r.3 009-b

Round 2 Results vs East Burwood


East Burwood 2.4-16 3.8-26 3.11-29 6.14-50

Wantirna South 2.3-15 7.5-47 9.11-65 12.20-92

Goal Kickers: A. Papa 5, J. Freeman 3, D. Beddome 2, B. Walker , L. Greig
Best Players: , D. Waller , N. Johnson , D. Cromb , A. Papa , T. Leggate , T. Lee


East Burwood 1.1-7 1.3-9 1.6-12 4.8-32

Wantirna South 2.2-14 6.5-41 10.9-69 11.15-81

Goal Kickers: J. Graffen 5, M. Dimashki 3, J. Sarinn , B. Cromb , J. Raab
Best Players: , B. Walker , B. Cromb , J. Graffen , T. Cook , J. Cox

WS v. EBurwood r2 049-b WS v. EBurwood r2 080-b WS v. EBurwood r2 097-b WS v. EBurwood r2 011-b

Round 1 Results vs Scoresby

Wantirna South 14.27-111 def  Scoresby 11.10-76

Goal Kickers: B. Walker 3, D. Beddome 3, A. Teakel 2, L. Greig 2, J. Barrie , A. Papa , T. Leggate , S. Young

Best Players: , J. Denes , D. Waller , B. Harkness , A. Teakel , B. Walker , J. Barrie

Wantirna South 18.20-128 def  Scoresby 2.6-18

Goal Kickers: J. Graffen 5, S. Bates 2, J. Raab 2, A. Azzopardi 2, D. Papa 2, J. Freeman 2, T. Cook , S. Hallam , B. Cromb

Best Players: , H. Yusuf , J. Cox , T. Cook , J. Graffen , J. Freeman

Wantirna South 29.22-196  def  Scoresby 8.6-54

Goal Kickers: L. Grima 5, J. Rozakis 4, C. Mitrevski 3, D. Kline 3, S. Carter 3, T. Maaliki 2, C. Cahill 2, J. Roberts 2, J. Mylonas , D. Carney , N. Denes , B. Lowe , B. Lynch

Best Players: , L. Grima , C. Mitrevski , J. Jensen , Z. Yee , L. Wong , N. Jackson

Wantirna South 3.8-26  def by  Scoresby 15.14-104


WS v.Scoresby r1 057-b WS v.Scoresby r1 060-b WS v.Scoresby r1 055-b WS v.Scoresby r1 074-b

presidents lunch 2015 reserves flag unfurl senior flag unfurl

Thanks to our great Golf Day Sponsors

WSFC appreciate the generous support of the following sponsors of the annual Devils Golf Day. It was a great day had by all and thanks for all those involved in making it a success.

ASI Electrics, Clover Kitchens, Templeton Cricket Club, Hermitage Homes, Aldo’s Drainage, Knox/Lilydale Pest Control, MMAS, Martin Hall Hair, Wantirna Osteopathy, Infinite Engineering, Brooks Glass, Logistics Services Australia, Mystique Printing

WSFC Golf Day 2015


On behalf of the Wantirna South Football Club we would like to announce the appointment of Laurie Tucker as President.

Laurie has served the Club for a number of years and is known to many of us. We welcome Laurie to the role and wish him all the best. Laurie’s appointment will be officially endorsed at the next Committee meeting in February 2015.

In addition it would be remiss of us not to mention Ron Hoogkamer the Club’s outgoing President. Ron showed commitment and passion during his time and will continue on the Committee and assisting with the future direction of the Club. Thank you Ron!

2014 -The year that was – The Club had a very successful year with Under 19’s making the finals and the Reserves and Seniors winning Premierships. The Club winning overall EFL Club Champion for the second year in a row. This success is due to the commitment of all involved and for that we sincerely thank you all for your efforts..
We thank all of our wonderful sponsors for their continued support and trust we will see you all back again in 2015.

2015 brings about new challenges –Division 2 here we come! The players, under the direction of the coaching team have been training hard and showing real commitment. pre-season training will commence again later in January.

The new Committee have been working in the background to get things sorted for the 2015 season. Again the commitment both on and off field is what makes this a great Club! We ask you all to get on board and get down to the Devils in 2015 with what will be another exciting year both on and off field.

Round One: Save the date:

Home Game against Scoresby F.C.
Saturday 11th April 2015

President’s Lunch

Unveiling of the Premiership Flags and Past Players Day

More detail to follow in the New Year.

Finally to all involved with the Devils we wish you and your families the very best for a Safe & Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing you all at the Club next season.


On behalf of the WSFC Committee, Players and Supporters we extend our congratulations to Hus “Bobby” Yusuf and Chance McPhee on receiving 300 Game -EFL Life Membership at the EFL Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 27th November. 2014.

IMG_0064 IMG_0063

The Bear signs for 2015

The Devils would like to welcome Aaron “Bear” Riddle who joined the club this week coming across from Ringwood FC where he played in 2014 and was second in their Best & Fairest. Aaron is more well known in the EFL for the 9 years he spent playing with the Glen Waverley Hawks which in that time he led their midfield group and also collected 2 Best & Fairest and 3 Runners Up. He played a big role in getting GW Hawks into back to back Grand Final appearances in 2011 (Div 4) and 2012 (Div 3) playing as a bash and crash centreman. He is a strong inside midfielder who wins his own footy and likes to give off to running players, he will offer great leadership for our younger players and will also be a great club man and a very popular member of the Devils playing list. Our supporters will love the way he goes about it, a big welcome to the “Bear”.


Dean Waller is a Devil in 2015

The Wantirna South Football Club is extremely pleased to announce the recruitment of talented defender Dean Waller from Vermont FC.
Dean joins us as a 2 x Senior premiership player at Vermont and will bring a wealth of experience to our club. He is in the prime of his football life at 26 years old and stands 6ft 4inch and is best known in Division 1 circles as a key position back-line player who has a strong mark and is rarely beaten. Waller also has the ability to play a number of other positions on the ground making him very versatile. We welcome Dean to the Devils and look forward to seeing him in the green and white in 2015.