The Bear signs for 2015

The Devils would like to welcome Aaron “Bear” Riddle who joined the club this week coming across from Ringwood FC where he played in 2014 and was second in their Best & Fairest. Aaron is more well known in the EFL for the 9 years he spent playing with the Glen Waverley Hawks which in that time he led their midfield group and also collected 2 Best & Fairest and 3 Runners Up. He played a big role in getting GW Hawks into back to back Grand Final appearances in 2011 (Div 4) and 2012 (Div 3) playing as a bash and crash centreman. He is a strong inside midfielder who wins his own footy and likes to give off to running players, he will offer great leadership for our younger players and will also be a great club man and a very popular member of the Devils playing list. Our supporters will love the way he goes about it, a big welcome to the “Bear”.