Coaches committed to the Devils for 2021

Sam Bates – Senior Assistant Coach 2021

Senior Assistant Coach Sam Bates has committed to season 2021 at the Devils under Steve Cochrane. Sam is an integral part of our coaching staff and his experience and leadership is valued by our players and the Club is very happy he is continuing in his role.

Sam played over 300 senior games, including premierships and is an EFNL and Devils Life member. Sam also coached our Development team in 2018.

The Devils are fortunate in having the caliber of Sam coaching our players. His enthusiasm and care for our players well being and development is outstanding. The club is proud to have quality coaches available for all our players.

Paul Riley – U19 coach 2017 to 2021

Paul Riley will continue as the Devils U19 coach for season 2021. The club is excited by the quality and numbers of U19’s players joining the club, and we wanted the experienced and popular Paul Riley in charge of our young future senior players.

It can be a challenging age in football terms, and strong consistent messages are important along with an attitude of genuine support for young players as they transition from boys to men’s footy.

Paul has the skills and experience to make a difference. Paul led the U19’s in 2019 to finals, and whilst we were confident for 2020, we have even more to look forward to in 2021. This will be Paul’s 4th season in charge of our U19’s and the club is proud to have Paul Riley in this role.

Paul Payne – 2021 Development Coach

Paul Payne will be the Development coach at the Devils for 2021. Paul was appointed for the abandoned 2020 season, so we are very pleased he has committed to the club for 2021.

The development of players from U19 to Senior level is a vital role in all clubs. Paul has the skills and experience to help our younger players develop into senior footballers, and we are very pleased he will be involved in 2021.

Paul was a Devils player, who also played footy at VFA level back in the day. Paul has been coaching junior teams in recent years, but he has plenty experience at senior level having coached the Devils to finals previously.