Hi All,

We have received news that the owner of the venue has reneged on the “Inclusive package deal” we have had with them the past few years. This has now forced us to drop the cost of the Presentation Night ticket. It will now cost $50 per person to attend the evening which includes a 2 course meal, soft drink and you are welcome to buy alcoholic beverages at bar prices.

We realise that some of you have already paid and we will be reimbursing you all the difference in the next few days.

The venue (Whitehorse Club) and the date (Sept 26th starting 6.30pm) has not changed.

With that in mind please make sure you pay for your ticket before the night as we won’t be collecting any money on the night.

Payment can be made at the club or via bank transfer to the below bank account.

Wantirna Sth FC

BSB 633 000
A/C 133142265
REF – Your full name


WSFC Committee

Presentation Night 15

Here we go again – Reserves to shoot for Div 2 flag

The Wantirna South Senior Football Club’s Super Twos, led by coach Justin Morgan have qualified for their third Grand Final in as many years. The boys are looking to add to their 2014 Div 3 Premiership by winning this year’s Division 2 Reserves Premiership and go BACK TO BACK!

The boys will be playing Waverley Blues in what will be a huge day for the club regardless which team eye balls us during the national anthem.

We urge ALL DEVILS to bring as many friends and family down to Tormore Reserve, Boronia on September 12th at 11am to cheer the boys on as your support will act as a 19th player on the field.

EVENT: EFL Division 2 Grand Final Day
WHERE: Tormore Reserve, Boronia
WHEN: Saturday September 12th
TIME: 11am (Game starts at 11:50am)
DRESS: WEAR GREEN to drown out the opposition

AFTERMATCH: The clubrooms will be open from 3pm after the match until very late and everyone is welcome to come back to the club to hopefully celebrate a Devil Premiership with the boys!
I look forward to seeing you all at Boronia for what will be a super day.

Go Devils!


Results Rnd 16 vs Doncaster East

Doncaster East 10.8-68
Wantirna South 6.10-46
Goal Kickers: B. Walker 3, R. Papp 2, T. Leggate
Best Players: , T. Lee , C. Gleeson , B. Walker , R. Papp , A. Teakel , J. Sarinn

Doncaster East 6.4-40
Wantirna South 17.16-118
Goal Kickers: B. Hardham 3, B. Flower 3, C. Cox 3, J. Stone 2, J. Graffen 2, D. Papa , T. Clarke , M. Jamieson , J. Rozakis
Best Players: , B. Hardham , D. Papa , M. Denes , C. Cox , J. Stopinski , S. Hallam

Doncaster East 12.11-83
Wantirna South 8.9-57
Goal Kickers: S. Carter , L. Wong , C. Cahill , B. Lynch , J. Rozakis , D. Carney , J. Jensen , L. Grima
Best Players: , T. Clarke , Z. Yee , L. Grima , D. Kline , L. Wong , J. Jensen

South Croydon 23.22-160
Wantirna South 0.2-2

WS v.Doncaster East r.16 004-b WS v.Doncaster East r.16 009-b WS v.Doncaster East r.16 032-b WS v.Doncaster East r.16 035-b WS v.Doncaster East r.16 045-b WS v.Doncaster East r.16 068-

Results Rnd 15 vs Bayswater

Wantirna South 12.5-77
Bayswater 16.18-114
Goal Kickers: J. Barrie 4, B. Hutchinson 2, A. Riddle , R. Baker , L. Greig , B. Walker , J. Denes , J. Freeman
Best Players: , T. Lee , B. Harkness , B. Hutchinson , J. Barrie , L. Greig , J. Sarinn

Wantirna South 13.16-94
Bayswater 5.16-46
Goal Kickers: R. Papp 3, J. Mathews 2, M. Jamieson 2, J. Stone , B. Hardham , B. Flower , M. Denes , T. Clarke , S. Bates
Best Players: , T. Anderson , J. Stopinski , R. Papp , B. Cromb , M. Denes , B. Hardham

No Game

Bates 5 v.Bayswater r.15 055-c Jamo 3 v.Bayswater r.15 023-b WS v.Bayswater r.15 086-b WS v.Bayswater r.15 097-b WS v.Bayswater r.15 133-b WS v.Bayswater r.15 067-b WS v.Bayswater r.15 071-b WS v.Bayswater r.15 077-b


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Results Rnd 14 vs Croydon

Croydon 13.15-93
Wantirna South 6.10-46
Goal Kickers: D. Cromb 3, L. Greig , B. Walker , J. Barrie
Best Players: , L. Greig , J. Barrie , T. Lee , A. Teakel , S. Young , D. Cromb

Croydon 9.15-69
Wantirna South 6.6-42
Goal Kickers: R. Papp 3, M. Jamieson , J. Stone , S. Houghton
Best Players: , H. Yusuf , B. Hardham , R. Papp , J. Cox , B. Cromb , T. Huckstepp

Croydon 18.11-119
Wantirna South 11.7-73
Goal Kickers: J. Rozakis 4, J. Roberts 3, B. Lynch 2, N. Jackson , L. Wong
Best Players: , J. Roberts , J. Jensen , C. Ritchie , N. Jackson , L. Wong , L. Grima

WS v.Croydon r.14 003-b WS v.Croydon r.14 022-b WS v.Croydon r.14 035-b WS v.Croydon r.14 044-b WS v.Croydon r.14 092-b

Results Round 13 vs Doncaster


Wantirna South 12.12-84
Doncaster 19.15-129
Goal Kickers: T. Leggate 4, B. Walker 3, J. Barrie 2, J. Denes , L. Greig , D. Beddome
Best Players: , T. Leggate , B. Walker , D. Lang , N. Johnson , J. Barrie , J. Denes


Wantirna South 12.13-85
Doncaster 9.14-68
Goal Kickers: R. Papp 4, M. Jamieson 3, J. Stone , B. Hardham , B. Flower , C. Cox , S. Bates
Best Players: , J. Stopinski , T. Huckstepp , H. Yusuf , R. Papp , B. Hardham , B. Flower


Wantirna South 12.12-84
Doncaster 14.16-100
Goal Kickers: B. Lynch 2, D. Carney 2, J. Rozakis , L. Wong , N. Jackson , N. Denes , S. Carter , C. Hodge , L. Grima , T. Clarke
Best Players: , N. Jackson , L. Wong , J. Rozakis , J. Pollard , J. Jensen , T. Maaliki

WS v.Doncaster r.13 100-b WS v.Doncaster r.13 081-b WS v.Doncaster r.13 072-b WS v.Doncaster r.13 055-b



Wantirna South 7.14-56
Mulgrave 11.11-77

Goal Kickers: T. Leggate 2, B. Walker , D. Beddome , B. Harkness , S. Gerloff , L. Greig
Best Players: , D. Beddome , B. Walker , J. Birkett , S. McIntyre , J. Barrie , B. Harkness


Wantirna South 18.8-116
Mulgrave 4.13-37

Goal Kickers: M. Jamieson 4, J. Sarinn 3, B. Hardham 3, B. Flower 2, J. Graffen 2, B. Cromb , R. Papp , S. Bates , M. Dimashki
Best Players: , J. Sarinn , K. Brooks , B. Flower , S. Hallam , J. Roberts , B. Hardham


Wantirna South 10.14-74
Mulgrave 19.10-124

Goal Kickers: B. Croxford 3, J. Roberts 2, B. Lynch , L. Grima , T. Maaliki , J. Rozakis , C. Cahill
Best Players: , J. Roberts , S. Carter , N. Jackson , B. Lynch , L. Grima , B. Croxford

WS v.Mulgrave r.12 007-b WS v.Mulgrave r.12 011-b WS v.Mulgrave r.12 016-b WS v.Mulgrave r.12 018-b WS v.Mulgrave r.12 019-b WS v.Mulgrave r.12 026-b WS v.Mulgrave r.12 028-b



Mooroolbark 11.14-80
Wantirna South 10.8-68

Goal Kickers: D. Beddome 4, T. Leggate 2, J. Barrie , B. Harkness , B. Walker , N. Johnson

Best Players: , D. Beddome , D. Lang , B. Hutchinson , T. Lee , A. Teakel , L. Greig


Mooroolbark 10.8-68
Wantirna South 16.12-108

Goal Kickers: R. Papp 6, J. Stone 3, C. Gleeson 3, B. Cromb , J. Graffen , M. Jamieson , S. Naylor

Best Players: , B. Cromb , C. Gleeson , R. Papp , J. Stopinski , J. Sarinn , S. Naylor


Mooroolbark 18.15-123
Wantirna South 3.7-25

Goal Kickers: J. Roberts 2, J. Rozakis

Best Players: , T. Henry , J. Roberts , N. Jackson , L. Wong , J. Jensen , B. Lynch


Vets lost to North Ringwood